Increase Employee Morale With Variety Snack Boxes

One major issue that employers face is how to keep employees happy while maintaining a productive work environment. An inexpensive way to keep employees healthy and motivated at work is the Simpalo Snacks Variety Snack Box. Each snack box comes with a different selection of snacks delivered to your workplace as often as you choose. This will allow employees to have something to look forward too, as well as help with a little extra energy for the work day.

Keep Employees Happy and Healthy at Work

There is nothing worse than eating the same boring snacks week after week at work. When employees are faced with only a few snack choices, they often find themselves sick of the lack of variety and might even opt to go hungry rather than eat a mundane snack. Simpalo Snacks provides an easy solution to that problem. With each order you purchase, new and different snacks are sent to you, including different varieties of chips, bars, popcorn, nuts and fruit, ensuring that employees are happy and healthy at work.

Healthy Office Snacks

Beat the Afternoon Slump with Healthy Snacks

When the afternoon slump hits, employees should be indulging on energizing, healthy snacks instead of hitting the vending machine for sugary, energy-depleting candy. Each variety snack box delivered directly to your office includes a variety of up to twenty different snacks, each one healthy and delicious. The next time that 3 o’clock slump hits, employees will be able to find the perfect snack to carry them through the end of the day. 

Help Employees Feel Appreciated

Each variety snack box can be personalized for the snacks you prefer so we can send you more of the snacks that your employees enjoy and less of the snacks that they won’t eat. We also offer customized snacks options as well, so if that fits your office better you can hop on our website and order any number of snacks and have them shipped out on the same business day. We take pride in fulfilling orders as fast as possible, that way you can focus on your business and leave the snacking to us. Help your employees will feel recognized and appreciated, making them more motivated and earning you the status of "Great Employer." Competition for the best employees in the office is increasing… so bring in snacks!

Healthy Snacks for the Office 

Easy and Stress-Free 

Ordering from Simpalo Snacks is simple, price effective, and easy! If you go with our variety snack box you can setup up a weekly snack subscription with no contacts. If subscriptions are not your thing, you can always hop on our website and make a one-time snack purchase. And of course, you can always make a custom order. The point is, we have a snack solution for your office. We ship out your order in one business day, and many locations will get snacks within 2-3 business days. Your employees will love you for the new and exciting variety of snacks, and you will benefit too from more productive and energized employees. So what are you waiting for? Order now and see why many offices find Simpalo the best snack delivery service!