Best Office Snack Delivery Service

Best Office Snack Delivery Service

There are 5 key ingredients that makes Simpalo Snacks the best office snack delivery service. First, we have hundreds of single serving snacks available for shipment every day. Second, we have variety snack boxes available for both one-time purchase or subscription order. Third, we ship out orders within one business day. Fourth, we can customize orders and we offer branded snack boxes for corporate events. And last but not least, we take great pride in offering you the best customer service when it comes to office snack delivery.

Huge selection of Single Serving Snacks

Simpalo Snacks always stocks your favorite healthy snacks so you can order at any time. Many other snack companies are a “one and done” kind of service. Meaning, they get in a huge order from a few vendors and then send out those selected snacks, but don’t keep them available online to order all the time. At Simpalo we work with great vendors all over the United States to provide easy access to healthy snacks to order anytime. You can come back as often as you like and always will find your favorite snacks available and ready to ship out within one business day… now that is fast shipping!

Variety Snack Box

Variety Snack Boxes available for One-Time Purchase or Subscription

Our variety snack box will certainly be an office favorite. It’s available for purchase anytime. We change out the variety of snacks on a weekly basis, so you can order when you want and get a different box of healthy snacks whenever your office needs it. We also offer a subscription service in which we will send you a snack box that fits your office size on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. And of course, no contracts, no need to talk to a snack consultant (but we are always happy to help you, just call us), and you can always change or cancel your order anytime. It's simple and easy to order snacks from Simpalo.

We Ship Orders within One Business Day

This is where we shine the most! Most of our competitors ship out snacks once or twice a month, but at Simpalo we will ship out your order within one business day. In fact, if you order before noon mountain time we will most likely ship your order that same day. If you are close to Colorado you will receive the order within 2 business days. That means you can order snacks on your schedule and time table. Just watch your office snacks, and when they are getting a little low you can hop online, place an order, and then get a great selection of healthy snacks within a few days. That way you don’t need to store snacks, you can leave that to us. We will ship them to your office on your time table. That is something that no other snack company can do... and it makes Simpalo Snacks the perfect office snack delivery service for your company.

Company Branded Snack Boxes

Branded Snack Boxes and Custom Orders for Corporate Events

We offer the ability to brand your company logo on our snack boxes for corporate events. Lets say you have a wellness or customer appreciation event. You may want to insert a flyer or theme to help get your message across. By adding branded snack boxes with customized inserts and artwork, you will certainly make a lasting impression. We have several options available so you can find the perfect fit for your situation; from small to large box sizes to custom to variety snack boxes. The key point is, we can help you make the best impression at your next company event!

Best Customer Service

We answer our phones and we read our emails. We respond in a timely manner! It sounds so simple, but there are many businesses that don’t get back to you and it is so refreshing to find a company that does.  We take pride in responding quickly and we are actually glad that you contacted us! Sometimes it is just the simple and straight forward things that make a company great. We pride ourselves in making online office snack ordering easy. We work hard to find the best snacks, make our website easy to order from, and we ship the snacks as fast as possible. Let us take care of the snacks for you, so you can focus on other things.