Simpalo Snacks Story

ABOUT USBack in 2015, my husband and I were talking with our friends about our mutual desire to own a small business.  E-commerce appealed to me because I already had experience in that arena as I was a part-owner in another business; The Natural Athlete’s Clinic which focuses on health and fitness.  We found a small healthy snack delivery company based in Denver, Colorado.  This worked perfectly because we lived about 70 miles north in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Their niche was local deliveries to Denver businesses.  We saw an opportunity to expand this business to ship healthy snacks all over the United States.

Christine and I started part time, putting together delicious healthy snack boxes with more variety and a personal touch.  Soon boxes were stacked to the ceiling and snacks were getting lost in the corners of the room.  In March 2016, we moved to a bigger space and hired our first employee, so that we could continue to expand the business.

We continued to add delicious, healthy snacks to the Simpalo Snacks menu, discovering great vendors like JimmyBar, I Heart Keenwah, Ona, and Health Warrior. This new location was not suited well for semi-truck deliveries and we had already grown out of this smaller space. After one of the truck deliveries knocked over the stop sign in front of our office, we decided it was time to move on.

In December of 2016 we moved into our current location on Mulberry Street just east of historic old town Fort Collins.  We now have a garage door, two office’s, and a packing room.  We hired several new employees to meet the demands of the growing business.

Unfortunately, in August of 2016, Christine's husband obtained a new job and had to move from beautiful Fort Collins.  So, after a tearful goodbye, I was left with the best employees in the world, a lot of help from my husband, and a newly retired Dad who graciously has decided to help me build this growing business while living a life with 4 wonderful kids.

What’s the future hold?  The hunt for more healthy, delicious snacks from inspiring vendors.  To deliver these snacks to great companies with great bosses looking to give their employees a little healthy boost to their work day, and little something to add a smile.  We want to be the most flexible, accommodating, healthy snack service around.

Thanks for visiting the site, and we look forward to working with you... Happy Snacking!

- Tiffany Crop