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Simply contact us and soon there will be no uneaten snacks in your office again. If your office is not picky - then simply buy one of our all pleasing Variety Snack Boxes below! You can work with our snack consultants to adjust or cancel your snack boxes at any time. Do you know what your team likes? Picking snacks for your team has never been easier. Simply shop our healthy and delicious snacks individually.

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Fresh Fruit Delivery Available

Let Simpalo Snacks make providing fresh fruit easy for your office. We will make your fresh fruit instacart order for you, taking one more thing off of your plate! Wow, now I can get my job done.

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Why companies love our healthy office snack delivery

Everyone loves to snack, it’s just part of being human. Be the Snack Champion your office deserves by signing up for our healthy office snack subscription. Get the tasty and tempting treats that your employees crave delivered straight to your office.

With Simpalo Snacks, you’ll receive a new selection of snacks every time a Variety Snack Box arrives. There are options for snackers of all types and preferences. From chunky and chewy to crisp and salty and everything in between. We offer subscriptions for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery services. Just want one box, one time? No problem. Our services have no contract, so you can order as much or as little as you want. Don’t delay, sign up today!

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What will be in my variety snack box?

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We vary what comes in the Variety Snack Boxes weekly, so most likely you will receive different snacks each time you order. Here is an example of what you may receive in any given variety snack box for offices.


Branded Healthy Snack Boxes

Ask us about creating your own Branded Variety Snack Boxes with your company colors & logo!

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