Bulk Office Snack Delivery Alternatives

Don't send employees to big box stores

Some businesses believe that the most efficient and effective way to stock their offices with snacks is to buy in bulk from big box stores. Although this may provide the office with snacks for a few weeks until the box is empty, there are more problems to this method than benefits. Options are limited, and employees are apathetic towards the lackluster snack choices. Also, the amount of time it takes to go to the store, unpack and sort the snacks, often ends pushing up the overall cost. Also, rather than spending valuable employee time buying snacks you can use employee time focusing on your business and what you do best! The best way to solve your snacking needs is to stop sending your employees to big box stores and start ordering Variety Snack Boxes, where the selection of snacks is never ending, always tasty, and super convenient. 

No More Excess Of One Snack

When there is only one or a few options of snacks to eat, employees easily get bored of the same choices. Stores can carry the same snacks for months and even years. As such, in order to get variety you will end up ordering from multiple stores which takes time, or just sticking with one store can lead to boredom with snack choices. With Simpalo Snacks we send you between fifteen and twenty different product SKUs in every variety snack box. Employees are sure to be excited and motivated by the different snack options that come each order. We offer snack subscription services to make ordering easy on a weekly or monthly basis... and of course no long term contracts. If the variety snack box is not something you want, you can always custom order any number of snacks from us and we will ship them out within one business day. 


Put An End To Energy Depleting Candy

Many snacks found at big box stores are energy depleting and unhealthy, which is not what your employees need to help them get through the day. A better alternative to these unhealthy choices is healthy, exciting snacks from brands like Crispy Green, KIND Bar, and Think Jerky. Simpalo has several healthy categories such as  non-GMO, gluten free, and vegan, so there are options for every employee in the office! 

Endless Variety With Variety Snack Box

The most convenient, inexpensive way to make everyone happy and keep them satisfied is with the best office snack delivery service, so you will never have to buy from big box stores ever again. Abandon monotony and invest in the better option for your employees. We strive to offer the best customer service and ship your snacks to you as fast as possible. Try us out... its easy, affordable, and fun!