Healthy Snack Box Delivered to your Office

At Simpalo we believe the 3 following qualities make up the best healthy snack boxes. First, you need a variety of great tasting healthy snacks. Second, we believe you should be able to order a snack box whenever you need it and it should be simple and easy to order. Third, you should be able to customize your healthy snack box to fit your office needs. Simaplo Snacks offers variety, easy ordering, customized options and great customer service.

Large Variety of Great Tasting Healthy Snacks

At Simpalo we always have in stock a huge selection of great tasting healthy snacks. This allows us to send you a variety snack box whenever you need it for the office. We ship every snack box in one business day from when we receive the order so you get your healthy snacks as fast as possible. Our variety snack box changes on a weekly basis so you will receive different snacks whenever you order. This will keep your taste buds and energy levels satisfied with a different selection of snacks each delivery. We also add new snacks to every month from new vendors around the United States. This allows an ever-growing selection of great tasting snacks.

Order your Snack Box whenever you need it

Ordering snacks should be simple and easy. It should not take a lot of time to get the snacks you want. That’s why you use a snack delivery service in the first place. We at Simpalo take pride in offering a great selection of healthy snacks that are available every day. This allows you the simplicity of jumping on our website whenever your snacks are getting low and ordering a snack box in less than 5 minutes. You always can setup a snack box subscription if you want, its up to you. Whatever fits your schedule and office needs, we can deliver. The key point is at Simpalo you have the ability to order snacks easily and whenever you need. No contracts, no having to talk a salesperson (but we are happy to talk if you have questions), we make it easy and straight forward to order.

Variety Snack Box

Customized Snack Options

Sometimes you may want to choose snacks individually, and at Simpalo this is simple to do. You can always order any number of individual snacks you want and we will box them up and ship them to you as fast as possible. If you want, you can change your order each time and select new snacks, or you can just reorder the same snacks as your last shipment. We make ordering a variety box, customized box, or reordering the last order easy and simple.

Order Today

Why not give us a try? We are confident you will love our variety snack box. Join the hundreds of happy offices around the United States who order from Simaplo Snacks. Thanks for visiting!