The Benefits of Weekly Snack Delivery

Weekly Snack Delivery

People love food. If you are looking for a way to up your office game, look no further. Weekly Snack Deliveries provide healthy snacks for any business looking to energize their employees. With countless ways to customize your Snack Box, you can get exactly what snacks you want online without the hassle of going to the store.

Snacks Do Not Clutter Office Space

Monthly snack deliveries only come once a month in big boxes which can clutter your office and take up precious space. Weekly snack deliveries allow your business to get smaller boxes once a week instead of a big box every month. These smaller boxes take up less room in the office and come each week so you don't have to store big boxes of snacks in your office like you would have to do if you ordered monthly. Weekly snack deliveries provide more variety than monthly snack deliveries because you get new snacks each week which can keep your office snacks new and exciting.

Variety Snack Boxes

Simpalo Snacks offers variety snack boxes full of bars, chips, jerky, fruits, and nuts. Variety snack boxes come in all shapes and sizes which makes these snack boxes the perfect candidates to fuel your employees. With variety snack boxes starting with as small as 60 snacks per box and getting as big as 400 snacks per box, you have the ability to choose the right size snack box for your business.

Snacks for All Offices

We recognize that your business is unique. We also believe that your snack box should be unique as well. At Simpalo Snacks we offer small and large snack boxes so that you can create an ideal box for your business. No matter the size of your business, there is a snack box that is right for you.

Customized Snack Boxes

For small businesses customized snack boxes might be a better option. Customized Snack Boxes not only provide healthy snacks for your business, but they also allow you to pick and choose which snacks go into your box. At Simpalo Snacks, we have snacks that are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, non-GMO, and even high in protein! This allows you the opportunity to provide healthy snacks that will please all your employees.  

Delivery to Multiple Office Locations

Large offices can request that boxes be divided up into smaller groups to enable easier snack distribution between floors. This also makes snack distribution to your employees much faster because they can easily access the snacks on their office floor. You don’t want one of your office locations getting jealous of another because they don’t get healthy snacks each week do you? Why not solve that problem before it even starts. Weekly Snack Deliveries can be delivered to multiple office locations so all your employees can enjoy snacks no matter where they work!

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