Junk Food Alternatives

Alternatives to Junk Food

When you’ve got that three PM slump feeling, and you just need a pick-me-up to make it through the rest of the day, it might be tempting to swing by the nearest vending machine and get yourself a snack. But unless that machine is stocked with healthy snacks, you’re likely going to be loading up on junk food instead. Snacking healthy is easy if you just spend a minute to think about your choices. Today, Simpalo Snacks will cover some alternatives to popular junk food options.

Small Candies

A little baggie of small candies, like Skittles or M&Ms, are a well-known and well-loved snack, but their negative dietary effects are equally well-known. These choices are packed with sugar and fat. While they might taste good, they certainly aren’t good for you. What’s a healthy alternative? Reach for a handful of trail mix instead. Trophy Farms makes all-natural trail mix snack bags that are loaded with great tasting ingredients that satisfy your need for something sweet, without relying on artificial sweeteners and coloring. With this trail mix, made with a blend of dried fruit and crunchy nuts, you’ll cruise right through that slump without issue.

French Fries

Sometimes, nothing quite hits the spot like a basket of greasy, salty french fries. They’re a great side dish to a burger, or just to be enjoyed on their own. But like we mentioned in our blog on the importance of healthy snacking, enjoying a snack like french fries, that are cooked in oil and coated in salt isn’t the smartest snacking option. Because it is covered in grease and so heavy, these fries will sit in your stomach, forcing your body to expend more energy to process them. The result is that you’ll feel tired after lunch. Instead of junky french fries, reach for a handful of Honest Jackson’s Sweet Potato Chips! These chips are made with only three ingredients: sweet potatoes, organic coconut oil, and sea salt. The result is a chip that gives you that salty satisfaction of a french fry, without all the extra calories or fatty oils.

Cheese Crackers

Cheez-Its can be nearly impossible to resist if they’re the only cracker option in your office. But because they’re coated in salt and made from fat-filled ingredients, they aren’t a great choice for those looking to snack mindfully or healthily. But if nothing but a Cheez-It-like treat will do, don’t panic. Lance is here to help with their cheddar cheese crackers! Made from gluten-free ingredients and real cheddar cheese, you’ll get that same great taste, with none of the weird ingredients.

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