Fruit for the Office

Fruit For The Office

One of the best healthy snacks out there is fresh fruit. The only problem with fresh fruit is the fact that it is hard to keep at the perfect peak of freshness for multiple days let alone weeks. Here at Simpalo we understand the struggle of keeping fresh fruit in the office and as a result we carry freeze dried fruits, fruit leathers, fruit bars, and fruit bites.

Fruit Rots Easily

Although fresh fruits make lovely centerpieces or decor as well as tasty snacks for your office, they can rot. This rotting can leave a nasty odor, entice fruit flies, and leave a less than satisfactory appearance in your office. When employees and customers walk into you office, you want them to be focused and impressed, not worried about what that awful smell is coming from or how long the fruit has been sitting in your office.

Unripe Fruit is Unappetizing

To avoid rotting fruit you may be thinking that if you buy under ripe food, you can keep fresh fruit in your office longer. Although this is a good theory, most people do not enjoy green bananas, sour oranges, or hard peaches. Some fruits can ripen over time, but most do not which means what you buy is what you get. Even though you can not keep fresh fruit in the office very well you can still have fruit as a snack for your employees or customers.

The Solution for Keeping Fruit in the Office

With all the hassle of fresh fruit, you may want a good alternative. At Simpalo we have a few alternatives. One of our bestselling snacks is Crispy Green freeze dried fruit. Crispy Green comes in many different flavor options including tangerine, apple, banana, and pineapple. Freeze dried fruit gives you the crunch of fresh fruit without the hassle of juice dripping everywhere. Along with freeze dried fruit we have fruit leathers made by You Love Fruit and Stretch Island Fruit. Fruit leather is the perfect afternoon pick me up. Another fruit product we have is a fruit bite made by KIND or Nature’s Bandits. Fruit Bites are great for kids and adults alike. Their small size makes them perfect for a quick snack to tide you over until your next meal. Our That’s It fruit bars are a great option for someone who likes pure fruit flavor without the hassle of fresh fruit. The bottom line here is that although fresh fruit is great at home, it is tricky to keep it in the office and so fruit leathers, fruit bars, fruit bites, and freeze dried fruits can be great alternatives.