Snack Boxes for Remote Employees

The COVID pandemic has turned office work upside-down. Many believed this would be a temporary shift in working remotely, but as things progress many companies are now considering a permanent work from home, or hybrid working schedule. This means employers are looking for new ways to reach out to remote workers. One of the best ways to connect with and inspire your at home workforce is to send a snack box right to their front door.


Simpalo Snacks has several snack box options!

Whether sending a premium heathy gift box to a few employees or a small snack pack to thousands of employees, Simpalo Snacks can help you find the perfect solution that fits your unique situation. We offer awesome customer service, quality healthy snacks, and are super easy to work with. 


Employee & Client Appreciation Healthy Snack Pack

Our small healthy snack pack is our most popular product. It can accommodate anywhere between 6 to 10 snacks. Its the perfect way to recognize your employees. There are several options for choosing the snacks. We can curate a great selection of our favorite snacks for you. You can choose the snacks. Or you can let each employee choose their own snacks. This a fantastic option for you to reward and reach out to each of your remote workers.  We also can include a beverage, coffee or water.


Premium Healthy Snack Gift Box

Our premium snack box includes 25 individual wrapped snacks in a beautiful turquoise gift box (or you can opt for white or black). We wrap it with a ribbon and a logo (can be your logo or our logo... your choice). The presentation will look as good as the snacks inside! To add a personal touch we can include a note with a message you provide. Its a great option for saying thank you to employees or clients.


Healthy Snack Gift wrapped in Cellophane

This option allows up to 15 snacks wrapped in a crystal clear cellophane bag tied with a ribbon at the top. We also can throw in a note or message as well. This option allows for more snacks than our small white gift box. It looks awesome and is a great way to connect with your remote workforce and say thanks! 


Add Swag or Customize your Snack Box

Looking to include a small gift or match a company theme or meeting? As long as we can fit it in the box, we will pack it and ship it out with the snacks. This is a great way to customize the snack gift box to match your company colors and theme. It will certainly add value to the snack box and make it stand out and leave an impression.

In summary we have multiple snack options that are fully customizable. We offer great customer service and deliver most orders within one business day. We also are able to handle large orders as well. We got you covered! 

The best way to get started is to visit our Snacks for Virtual Employee Page and fill out the form. We will then contact you and get your order on its way.