Back To The Office - Healthy Snacks

The pandemic has taught us the need for keeping our bodies safe and healthy. Simpalo Snacks wants to support your employees' health with our healthy snack delivery program, created to help you and your employees continue to stay happy and healthy.

Office Snack Delivery

Healthy Snacks For The Office - A Simple Solution

As offices are starting to welcome back employees from remote work, celebration is needed to commemorate coming back together in unity. Corporations can use Simpalo Snacks as a low cost way to show appreciation for their employees. Employees will appreciate having healthy snacks around the office, and a weekly replenishment of healthy snacks will help create a positive atmosphere. No hassle required, pick your snacks for picky offices or subscribe to our Simpalo Snacks curated healthy snack boxes.  Either way, you are able to work with one of our Simpalo Snacks team to make sure you're receiving snacks that your team wants to eat! 

The Simpalo Snacks team wants to help you continue your healthy lifestyle.  Through creating a safe eating atmosphere that is free from spreading germs. Each of our snacks is individually wrapped and labeled with all important dietary information including allergens. You no longer need servers and people breathing over your food at the bulk office breakroom. It is a grab and go kind of snack program. Simpalo snacks not only wants to make your life easier and safer, but also healthier. By providing a balance of nuts, chips, protein, and even fruit. We provide healthy nutritious snacks.  You can choose your own assortment of snacks or have us do the hard part and choose for your office.

Simpalo Snacks is here to support you and your team as you come back to the office. If it means a weekly or monthly subscription of snacks for the office to boost excitement, or just a surprise order of snacks every once in awhile, Simpalo Snacks has you covered.