Snack Box Delivery Gift

Its fun to say thank you or to send a gift to someone. It shows appreciation and that you are thinking of them. There are a lot of different ideas on how best to reach out to someone... text, phone call, email, gift card, chocolates, flowers. One very fun and unique way to reach out to someone is to send a box of healthy snacks with a note. 

First off, its a very different gift... and different stands out! The cool thing about a gift of healthy snacks is that it something that can last for several days. Each time the receiver eats another snack they will think of you and the nice gesture you provided them.

Second, the snack box comes with a personal note. In a day where most communication is text and email, there is something very nice about getting a personal note. Its a little old-school, but a hand written note says that you care.

Third, there are several options and price points.



Snack Pack of 6 snacks: $19.98 per delivery

Snacks are presented in a white box with snacks wrapped in tissue paper. Can be branded with company logo. Price includes Shipping.


15 Snacks in a standard brown shipping box: $28.74 per delivery

Snacks are placed within a shipping box, with tissue paper laid on top. Can be branded with company logo. Price includes shipping


Premium Gift Box of 25 Snacks: $54.99 per delivery

Snacks are placed within a beautiful premium gift box, with tissue paper laid on top and a white ribbon. Can be branded with company logo. Price includes shipping.



Fourth, we ship orders the same day as long as they come in before noon (mountain time). We can do small orders or larger orders of several thousand (of course that will take more time than a day to ship). The point is we will work with your situation and make it easy to send a snack gift box to family, friends, employees, clients, or whoever you want... and how many you want.

Last, but not least, we can customize snack gift boxes to include your logo, inserts, and or messaging. We will work with you to make sure the box is the perfect gift that will certainly be remembered.