Healthy Snack Delivery for Remote Workers

This year there has been a huge shift in working from home due to the affects of COVID-19. Employers are looking for new ways to help remote workers feel appreciated and connected. One idea is to send a small healthy snack box to your work force wherever they may be. Imagine the happiness each of your employees will feel when they see a box full of snacks delivered to their door step. Its a small thing than can have big dividends. It shows that you remember them. It shows that you value their work. It shows that they are part of a bigger team. And it certainly will be remembered!



How does it work?

Simply Contact Us!  First, we will collect a spreadsheet of addresses for shipping. Second, you will need to choose what type of box you want to send each employee. We have several options

  • Employee Appreciation Snack Box (6 snacks for $9.99) which comes in a small white box and is perfect for a single employee
  • Variety Snack Box (15 snacks for $18.75) which comes in standard cardboard shipping box. Meaning there is no special packaging, just snacks inside a regular shipping box. The variety snack box can be increased to any quantity of snacks.
  • Premium Snack Gift Box (25 snacks for $49.88) which comes in a beautiful turquoise snack box. This is our elite gift box!

Each of the options above can be customized inside and outside. Meaning we can brand the outside with your logo. If you do not want your logo we will add our Simpalo Snacks Logo. We can also insert a card or note as well. The key point is we can specialize and customize any order.

Once you have decided on which box you want, addresses, and whether you want a customized logo and/or insert, just call us and we will pack and ship your order.

Why Choose Simpalo Snacks?

The are many reasons to choose Simpalo for healthy snack delivery. First, we have one of the largest selections of single serving healthy snacks available for online delivery. Second, we fulfill orders within one business day. Once you place an order with us you can count on prompt delivery, a quality product, and great communication. And finally, we love what we do! We answer our phones. We respond to emails. We are here to help you make buying snacks simple and easy. Check out our review page to see what businesses our saying about our service.