Office Snack Delivery NYC

Simpalo Snacks delivers healthy snacks to New York City. If you order before 3pm Eastern time, we will ship your order the same day (we are located in Colorado). UPS ground shipping takes 3 business days for transit. If you need snacks on Friday, just order by 3pm Tuesday and you are good to go!

Why Choose Simpalo for Snack Delivery to New York City?

There are several good reasons to order from Simpalo Snacks, but keeping things short and simple, here are the top 3 reasons to choose us for your office snack delivery service

  •       Awesome Customer Service
  •       Price
  •       Branded Snack Boxes

Simpalo Snacks Has Outstanding Snack Service Reviews

Hey, don’t take our word for it… we serve several businesses in New York City and have received excellent customer feedback. Our goal is to answer emails and phone calls quickly, ship the snacks fast, and provide you with great customer service. Snack ordering should be simple, and with Simpalo it is! You can order individual healthy snacks as a custom order or purchase a variety snack box where we choose the snacks for you. The point is you have options with Simpalo.

Competitive Price For Healthy Snack Delivery

Many other healthy snack companies have a minimum order of 150 snacks or start the variety snack box at over $1.50 a snack. At Simpalo we find great snacks from vendors all across the United States for a great price! Our Variety Snack box starts at 60 snacks for $75 which is $1.25 per snack. That means you can get great tasting jerky (Think Jerky), energy bars (Taos Mountain), Fruit (You Love Fruit), Nuts (Sahale Snacks), and Chips (Hip Chips) delivered right to your office. Many of our snacks can not be found at Walmart, Costco, or Amazon… however, we do have some great tasting “staple” snacks that you know and love inside the box as well. So you get the best of both worlds… snacks you know and love along with some hard to find unique snacks as well. We do the snack work for you, and at a great price.

Branded Company Boxes

Branded Snack Boxes

One cool thing that sets Simpalo apart from the other office snack companies is that we can brand the snack boxes with your logos, colors, and inserts. For example, say you have a corporate event and want to promote a theme or idea; with Simpalo you can create and insert to go into a snack box and label the outside with your company logo. That is an awesome way to get a message or theme to stick. Or if you want to say thank you to Clients you can also create a banded snack box that will certainly be noticed. The ideas are limitless. We can help you stand out and make a statement. And with great tasting snacks inside the box your message will certainly be remembered. 

In summary if you are looking for a Snack service in New Your City, then Simpalo offers a great price, with many great tasting snack options, and of course backs it up with the best customer service. Try us out today. It’s simple, easy, and fun!