Snacks for Corporate Events

Adding healthy snacks to a corporate event is a great way to increase success as it helps with energy during the event and can add lasting retention through inserts and branding. If you are trying to help get an idea to stick after the event, adding a message in a branded snack box is a great solution. The are so many ways to highlight a theme or help keep your employees energized. Here are some cool ideas from Simpalo Snacks that can help boost your next corporate event.

Use Your Company Logo on the Outside of a Snack Box

Adding your colors, logo, and theme to a snack box is a great way to help market your company. Whether it’s a corporate event, client giveaways, or thank you boxes… adding your logo builds brand awareness and loyalty. As employees, clients, or customers open the branded box with awesome snacks, it creates an experience that will make and impact.

Add Inserts and Information Inside the Snack Box

Adding a small card or custom insert to your branded snack box allows you to send a message to your employees or clients. A message paired with snacks always goes a little further in getting recognition. It lets your audience know you spent a little more time and want them to listen and remember. Since we provide great tasting snacks along with the insert, its sure to make a lasting impression.

Healthy Snacks For Serving Individuals or Large Groups

There are many ways to provide healthy snacks for your event.

Individual Healthy Snack Packs

Company Branded Individual Healthy Snack PacksIndivdual healthy snack packs are great for distributing 3-7 snacks per person at a convention, event, or wellness fair.  Simpalo Snacks allows you to customize the snacks that go in each of these snack packs.  Postcards or flyers can be inserted into each snack pack, and coordinating colors add that special touch.

Premium Healthy Snack Gift Boxes

Premium Healthy Snack Gift BoxCompany Branded Premium Healthy Snack Gift Boxes can come with 15-25 snacks.  Great for gifting small offices or clients.  Postcards and flyers can accompany this beautiful box that can be coordinated with your companies colors and logo.

Variety Snack Boxes

Company Branded Variety Snack Boxes are great for large offices.  Any number of snacks can be sent within a regular shipping box.  A layer of tissue paper is placed over the snacks, and a company message can be placed above the paper. Great for events or gifts to clients where you can set the snacks out on a table for all to choose what they would like.

Why Should I use Simpalo Snacks for my next Corporate Event?

Who doesn’t like a snack box with awesome snacks? Everyone loves a gift. And as a bonus, the snacks are healthier than the traditional sweets and sugar. It lets your audience know that your thought about them, their health, and their well being. Here are a couple of reasons to choose Simpalo Snacks for your next event.

First, we provide unique solutions that are custom tailored to your company needs. We provide excellent customer service. This is critical, as each corporate event is unique and requires communication and follow through. We got you covered!

Second, we can do this for a great price. Lets face it, you want to focus on the event, the theme, and logistics. We are in the business of snacks and provide a large variety of healthy snacks at a great price.  You can choose from our large selection, or let us choose for you. 

Third, We can do this quickly and efficiently since we have a large warehouse of healthy snacks available right now. We may have to special order in for larger events (think 10,000 snacks or more), but if you need several hundred to a few thousand snacks we can usually fulfill the order within a few days.

In summary, Simpalo Snacks can help you with snacks at your next corporate event. We strive to provide awesome customer service at a great price. Try us out and let us provide snacks and branded boxes for your upcoming corporate event.

Company Branded Snack Boxes from Simpalo