If You’re A Fan Of That, Try This!

Thanks to a conscious effort on the part of food makers, and of groups like Simpalo Snacks, it’s now easier than ever to find healthy snack options in your office. But for many people, the idea of “healthy” snacks means “kinda funky tasting” snacks. With that attitude, it’s no wonder that so many people continue to choose snacks that are bad for them. To help you make smarter choices, Simpalo Snacks is here with a list of healthy snack alternatives to your favorite junk food treats.

Potato Chips

Maybe it’s the crunchy texture and sound. Or maybe it’s the thick coating of salt on each chip. Whatever it is, we all love chips. But the chips that you can get in the vending machine certainly don’t like you. Loaded with grease, salt, fats, and cholesterol, these chips are bad for your health, despite how good they taste. Making them a regular part of your diet could lead to weight gain. Instead of munching through yet another bag of potato chips, why not try pita chips instead? Simpalo offers Stacy’s Pita Chips, that are GMO-free, have 0 mg of cholesterol and 0 grams of trans fat. Just like your favorite junk potato chips, these pita chips have that crunchy, salty goodness you crave, but with natural ingredients that your body likes.

Chocolate Bar

When you need something sweet, there’s no denying the siren call of a delicious chocolate bar. Sometimes packed with peanuts, or coated in caramel, chocolate bars are designed to appeal to your sweet tooth, even as they rot your teeth with every bite. These bars are chock-full of sugar and fat. It’s why they taste so good, but they aren’t good for you. Instead, take a pass on the chocolate bar, and try a Jimmy Bar instead! Their high protein bars give you the long-lasting energy you need to fight that hangry feeling, while also providing that delicious taste of chocolate that you’re craving.


A long-standing trope in pop culture is to come home from school and enjoy a glass of milk and some cookies. While that might be an acceptable snack for your on-screen counterparts, it’s a quick way to pack on pounds and live an unhealthy lifestyle. That said, we understand the need for a cookie sometimes. Don’t deny yourself this icon treat, instead, choose a healthier cookie option like Homefree’s Crunchy Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies! Made with no artificial ingredients, gluten, egg, or dairy, these cookies taste great, and are only 150 calories for the whole bag! You’ll feel like you’re cheating the system when you enjoy the whole package rather than just a few of the unhealthy cookie options.

Choosing a healthy snack option is easy thanks to the Variety Snack Boxes from Simpalo Snacks! Our healthy snack subscription service sends you a box filled with tasty treats that are good for you too! You can have a box delivered once a week, once a month, or once in a blue moon! Just start by signing up here, and enjoying your treats until you’re satisfied. No need for a contract, just sign up now!