Fight Decision Fatigue with a Variety Snack Box

Variety Snack Boxes Help Decision Fatigue

It’s only 11:37 am and already you feel like you’ve been putting out fires all day. At home, at the office, dealing with family, everyone is coming at you needing your attention. Its okay, it’s fine, it’s what you’re good at. But honestly, sometimes you just don’t want to have to make any more decisions. This struggle is called decision fatigue (yes, it’s a thing).

What is Decision fatigue?

Decision fatigue is when the quality of decisions made deteriorates throughout a long string of decision making. Simply put, most people make better choices earlier on in the day. Columbia University hosted a study that showed that judges make better decisions when they hadn’t already been making decisions all day. Prisoners who appeared before judges later in the day were less likely to be granted parole than ones who had been judged earlier in the day. Many successful people avoid decision fatigue by focusing on making the most important decisions early on in the day. This is a great concept, but decisions don’t just disappear after noon.

How Does Decision Fatigue Affect Snack Choices At The Office?

We experience this decision fatigue daily, and marketers know that. This is why candies and other unhealthy snacks are placed at the checkout register. Marketers know that by this point in your shopping experience you have already faced many choices. They know your will power is depleted and you are more likely to make an impulse purchase. You can avoid this situation and ease your decision fatigue with Simpalo’s variety snack box.

A Snack Solution in a Box

The last thing you want to worry about is what snacks you have on hand for the office. The office needs something to satisfy a craving, and you want the choices to be healthy, so that everyone can keep making the important decisions of the day. Whether it is sweet or salty, crunchy or all natural, Simpalo’s variety snack box will have you covered and the office happy. After you’ve tried their snacks you can customize your preferences. But to begin, you can let them do the deciding for you, now your mind can be free to make more important decisions.

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