Your Guide To Mindful Snacking

Mindfulness is a hot topic right now. It seems like nearly everyone is promoting mindful ways to live life, and with good reason. Mindfulness helps us better enjoy even the simplest pleasures of our daily lives. We think that’s a good way to live, and a great way to enjoy your snacks! Here at Simpalo Snacks, we’ve got a pretty good handle on being mindful, it’s why we offer our healthy snack subscriptions, so employers can be mindful of what they’re feeding their employees. But, we also want to help your employees to be conscious of what they’re eating, so here’s a quick guide on mindful snacking.

What’s The Purpose Of Mindful Snacking?

With so many diet plans and options telling you what to eat and when, how is mindful snacking any different? Mindful snacking isn’t about limiting what kind of healthy snacks you enjoy, or even how many of them you enjoy. Mindful snacking is all about helping you enjoy your snack more! We all have all enjoy a snack, or even a meal, mindlessly. We’re distracted by banter with friends, the drama on TV, or even by the time limit of a break. The result is we inhale our meals without really tasting it. Mindful snacking then makes us more aware of what we’re eating, and how we’re eating it. We become more aware of how our food impacts how we live. So here’s some insight into how to practice mindful snacking.

Take A Moment Before You Snack

It may sound silly, but before you tear into your package of Boulder Canyon chips, pause for a moment, and take a few depth breaths. You can use this time to ask yourself why you reached for a snack in the first place. Was it hunger? Boredom? Stress? If you’re hungry, give yourself the OK to have your snack. You’ll enjoy your snack more this way. If you’re feeling bored or stressed, maybe a better move is to put the chips down and address whatever is making you feel that way.

Make Careful Choices

We don’t mean that your choice of snack is dangerous, we’re just encouraging you to put some thought into what you’re snacking on. Rather than scooping up the first thing you see in our Variety Snack Box, think about what snack would be most satisfying. Being conscious of what kind of snack you want, rather than just a snack in general, will help you feel more content with your choice and with the way it leaves your body feeling.

Clear Your Snacking Space

To best enjoy your snack, and more mindfully consume, clear your snacking space of distractions. That might mean putting your phone away, turning down the TV, or excusing yourself from the office to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. By reducing the number of distractions in your life, you’ll be more aware of what you’re eating and how much of it you’re eating.

Take Measured Bites

We’ve all seen those videos of hot dog eating contests where participants shovel hot dogs into their mouths at an alarming rate. While they’re certainly enjoying the competition, they probably aren’t enjoying the taste of the hot dog. You can make the most of your mindful snack by taking smaller bites and eating slowly. Not only will you be able to enjoy all of the flavors and textures of the food, your stomach will also have time to fill more steadily. You might find that you’re full before you finish your snack, and you won’t be tempted to eat an entire package of nuts.

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Practice Mindful Snacking With Simpalo Snacks

Mindful snacking comes with a whole host of benefits. You’ll savor your snack and more fully appreciate the taste, texture, and aroma of your food. If you want your employees to practice more mindful snacking, Simpalo Snacks makes it easy with our healthy snack subscriptions. We’ll deliver a box full of healthy snacks right to your office, whenever you’d like, whether that’s once a month, or once a week! To help your team members start down the path of mindful snacking, check out our fabulous employee appreciation snack packs. We pack each box with some of our favorite treats that appeal to any snacker. Order your snack boxes today!