Distributing Your Office Snacks

While everyone comes from different walks of life, has different values, and perceives the world in different ways, here at Simpalo Snacks, we think we’ve identified some universal truths. The first is that everyone loves to get something delivered to them, whether that’s a letter or a package. The second is that everyone loves a good snack. We’ve put these together in our Variety Snack Box subscription service so you can have healthy snacks delivered straight to your eager employees.

Keeping Things Fair

But the third universal truth is that people are eager to open their packages and scurry away with its contents, especially if those contents are snacks. So how do you ensure that these snacks are distributed fairly across your office? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on for some clever ideas on how to distribute your office snacks.

Use Baskets And Drawers

Rather than just dumping out your Simpalo Snacks variety box in the middle of the break room and letting your employees leap upon the contents like a lion tackling a gazelle, stock a series of baskets and drawers in the break room with these snacks. You can place a few snacks in these containers every day, carefully putting out new snacks and rationing each box to ensure that no one just stockpiles all of their favorite snack bars.

Make Use Of Your Mail Boxes

To help your employees to remember to check their mailboxes, you can tuck a different snack in their mailbox every morning. That way, when they’re ready for a snack, they’ll make a quick trip to the mailroom. Your employees will be delighted to find a bag of tasty, organic popcorn, even if they’re less than thrilled to find more paperwork to file underneath their snack.

Get To Know Your Coworkers

You can place a sampling of the healthy snacks in a display box underneath a cork board that has a question of the day on it. Your employees can fill out a response, and tack it to the board, and then take their snack as a thank you for participating. You might have fun questions about a favorite memory, a silly story, or even how they feel about the weather. Your employees will get to know each other better by reading their coworker’s responses, and they’ll have a healthy snack too!

Use An Honor Box

You might put a small coin jar next to your snack jar, asking employees to put in a dollar or their loose change to take a snack. These funds can be used at the next employee get together. Similarly, you can have an office chore list, like wiping down the break room tables or rinsing out the coffee pot in the afternoon. If an employee completes one of these tasks, they can take a snack!



There are plenty of fun and clever ways you can distribute office snacks to your employees. They’ll appreciate having healthy snacks delivered to their workplace, and you’ll enjoy their improved productivity and happiness at work!