Surviving the Aftermath of COVID

Oh to go back to the good old days.  In today’s face paced and ever changing work environment, it is hard to keep up with everything that is happening.  COVID caused a great deal of upheaval and we will be dealing with the aftermath for years to come. Many employees are submitting resignation letters and giving employers two weeks’ notice.  Companies are scrambling to find ways to retain workers through various incentive programs.  New employees are being hired and offices have to think about how to train and keep these new workers. On top of this, businesses that are eligible for the Employee Retention Tax Credit are trying to understand and navigate the process.  Amidst all of this turmoil, people truly want to feel comfortable and appreciated in the work environment.

Food is a great way to help workers relax and feel valued and appreciated.  Simpalo Snacks can help.  You can order a one-time variety snack box to reward workers for their hard work.  You can also consider budgeting for a regular snack box delivery.  This will keep the team motivated and ready to work hard.  It may seem like a simple thing, but those little extras can be the difference between a team that wants to run for the exit and a team that wants to really make things happen.  A snack can also ease the stress felt as one works through the Employee Retention Tax Credit process.  Snacking can unite and unify your staff as we all seek to have a little comfort during these turbulent times.