Healthy Snack Gift Box Delivery

Do you have a moment you want to take note of? A special someone you want to celebrate? When the usual gift-cards, cheesy notes, or a slightly-wilted bunch of flowers just won’t cut it, why not give the gifts of snacks! While we love surprising businesses with an always-changing selection of healthy snacks with our Variety Snack Boxes, we recognize that sometimes you just want to celebrate with a few treats. That’s why we offer our healthy snack gift boxes!

Snack Gift Box

What’s Inside?

With over 180 different brands of snacks, Simpalo Snacks has tasty treats to meet the needs of even the most discerning snackers. Inside our Premium Healthy Snack Gift Boxes, we’ve tucked 25 of our favorite snacks into a nicely wrapped box. Inside you’ll find delectable treats like a package of Dole Cashew Crunch, a Wyoming Gourmet Beef Cowboy Beef Stick, and a bag of Oogies White Cheddar Popcorn. With a little bit of everything, this gift box will be an instant hit with whoever these healthy snacks are delivered to! Your thoughtful, and satisfying gift will arrive in a beautiful turquoise box with a ribbon wrapped around it, so the presentation of your gift will look as good as the snacks inside taste!

Who’s It For?

Our healthy snack gift boxes are ideal for everyone! Who doesn’t like a good snack every now and then, especially if it tastes good, and is good for you too? You might send this gift box to a client who has been a valuable asset to your business, an associate who helped you break a sales record, or even family and friends to help celebrate their special occasion, whatever it may be. Whatever the occasion, and whoever the recipient, you can add a personal touch with a note that we’ll hand-write with your message inside. Have an employee who never fails to impress? Who’s hungry for not only success but a fun and healthy treat? We also offer our Employee Appreciation Healthy Snack Pack. Reward their hard work and promote their well being with nine of Simpalo Snack’s favorite treats. Each box includes:

Missing their favorite snack? No problem. Simply contact us, and we’ll get you and your employee taken care of.

When Can I Get It?

When a craving for a snack sets in, and the threat of becoming hangry looms, we know that you have to act fast. With Simpalo Snacks, our gift boxes will arrive right on time. When you place your order, we’ll ship your order within one business day. That means your healthy snacks will be delivered ASAP!

Satisfy Your Special Someone With Simpalo Snacks

A fun selection of healthy snacks delivered to your door is a gift that most anyone would love to receive. Our gift boxes are a great way to acknowledge the important people in your life, whether they’re a caring neighbor, a diligent employee, or a happy client. Order your gift box from Simpalo Snacks today!