Customized Snack Box

Simpalo Snacks has always been a group of “Do It Yourself-ers.” It’s why we founded our company in the first place! Snacking itself is a sort of DIY process. You recognize what you’re craving and you go and seek it out. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re in the mood for, so maybe an Apple Pie Larabar will do. But other times, your snack craving is clear. It’s obvious that only a bag of Jackson’s Honest chips will do. We recognize that there are snackers from all walks of life and all different snacking needs and processes. That’s why, in addition to our fabulous Variety Snack Boxes, we also offer the option to customize what goes into every one of your healthy snack deliveries from Simpalo Snacks.

Building Your Box

When our Variety Snack Box, with its ever-changing line up of healthy and tasty snacks, isn’t quite what your office is looking for, you can customize your own box instead! But how do you go about doing that? Here are some handy tips we’ve put together to help you DIY your own Simpalo Snacks box.

Number Of People And Number Of Snacks

Some businesses are big, with hundreds of employees across a large space, while other businesses are small, with just a handful of employees working side by side. The number of employees you have at your business will influence the number of snacks you need. We’ve found that two to three snacks per person, per week, is usually a safe bet for your healthy snack delivery. So, if you have five employees, each week you’ll want to order five to ten snacks. 50 employees? Order 100 - 150 snacks. And so on and so forth.

Frequency Of Delivery

You might only want a healthy snack delivery once a month, as your employees aren’t big snackers. Or, you might need a weekly delivery to keep your employees satiated. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and even one-time deliveries. Our delivery options are low-pressure, as we don’t make you sign any contracts! Plus, we’ll deliver your customized snack box on your timetable.

Selecting Your Snacks

If your employees aren’t picky eaters or want the surprise of new treats with every healthy snack delivery, check out our Variety Snack Box. But, if your employees have a particular palette, it might be worth customizing a snack box. We have over 180 brands of different snacks, so there’s a snack that’s guaranteed to make any employee salivate. You might ask your employees to pick out a few snacks that they like, or even let you know what style of snack they enjoy most, and send you a snacking wish-list. This way, Tom from accounting always gets his Health Warrior chia bars, while Carol in Creative doesn’t have to compete for that last bag of Rocky Mountain Popcorn.

Snack On Your Terms

When you offer your employees their favorite healthy snacks, they’ll feel happier and more productive. Your DIY healthy snack box will be an instant hit at the office! And you can meet their snacking needs with our lightning-quick shipping. When you place an order, Simpalo Snacks will put your healthy snack delivery in the mail within one business day. Snack a little better with Simpalo Snacks!