Improve Workplace Productivity with Healthy Snacks

It’s no surprise that people love to snack. It’s what keeps us in business after all. But because of its status as a quick treat, many business owners don’t realize the impact a simple snack can have a huge impact on workplace productivity. Indeed, snacks are becoming an ever more important part of running a business. From the happiness of your employees to their overall health, snacks can make an impact. Lucky for you, Simpalo Snacks is here to meet your business’s snacking needs, and to help keep your employees at their best. When you have healthy office snacks delivered to your door, you’ll do more than just satisfy your employees’ cravings.

Snack Box

You Are What You Eat

A simple phrase that is often batted about the dinner table when picky eaters turn their noses up at vegetables, but this is true at the office as well as the dinner table. Food has a direct impact on our mental faculties, and this, in turn, affects the quality and quantity of our work. This is because all of the food we eat is processed by the body and turned into glucose, which provides power and energy to our brain. While all foods create this energy, not all foods create the same kinds of energy or are processed the same way. When you provide healthy snacks, like our selection of quinoa puffs from I Heart Keenwah, your body processes this food more efficiently, creating glucose that the brain needs. The British Journal of Health Psychology found that healthy snacks are great for your brain and can improve mental acuity. Providing snacks for your employees throughout the day keep their vital glucose levels consistent throughout the day. Relying on one large meal at lunchtime causes a drop in blood sugar, which affects the productivity of an employee and their brain. Similarly, a spike in blood sugar from one large meal can also diminish the effectiveness of your employees.

Healthy And Happy

The physical and mental health of your employees is a priority for any business owner. After all, they are the ones upholding your excellent customer services, and selling your quality problems. But snacks also appeal to the emotional health of your employees as well. Don’t believe us? Studies have shown that employers that provide free food and drink for their employees see an increase in overall employee happiness. The study found that the majority, nearly 56 percent, of employees reported being “happy” with their job. That percentage jumps to an impressive 67 percent when employees are provided free snacks.

Quality Of Life, Quality Of Work

You might think it’s a stretch to say that providing your employees snacks at work can improve not only the quality of their work but the quality of their life too. Having healthy office snacks delivered to your business really can make an impact in both areas. When you provide your employees tasty treats that are good for them throughout the day, they’re less likely to eat heavier, and less balanced meals at a few points in the day. Keeping healthy snacks on hand makes people more likely to resist unhealthy choices like pizzas and hamburgers that are laden with salts and fats. We’ve all felt that mid-afternoon slump after having that greasy cheeseburger at lunch. That’s because your body is expending energy to help your stomach process all that salt and fat. This draws energy away from the brain which could better use it to produce quality work. This can lead to weight loss, which is shown time and time again to improve an individual’s overall wellness. This means that your employees are likely to take fewer sick days, need fewer trips to the doctor, and generally just feel better about themselves and their work. The result is that you have happier and more productive employees than you did before.


Make A Difference With Simpalo Snacks

Ready to have healthy office snacks delivered to you and your employees? You’ve found the right place. Simpalo Snacks offers over 180 different brands of healthy, and more importantly, tasty snacks and treats for you and your business. Our Variety Snack Boxes provide you with an ever-changing line up of enticing snacks that are guaranteed to please even the most particular of eaters in your office. We offer subscription services, so you can have healthy office snacks delivered to you weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or whenever you need. Every box is different, but if there’s one snack that your office universally loves, look into our customized snack box options. Start giving your employees the healthy snacks they crave. We’ll ship your order within one business day of receiving it. Contact Simpalo Snacks today!