Variety Snack Boxes for Offices

In 2015, we gathered our friends and family together and asked ourselves, “what was the typical office missing?” There’s a lot of answer to that question, but one, in particular, jumped out at us. Most offices are missing a selection of fun, healthy, and most importantly, tasty snacks for their employees. So we got to work. We looked for snacks that would make even the most discerning snacker grin with excitement. We must be on the right path because our healthy snack subscription service has grown fast since we first answered that question. Our most popular, and versatile product is our Variety Snack Box. If you’re wondering if the Variety Snack Box from Simpalo Snacks is right for your office, read on to discover just what’s inside.

What’s In The Box?

We’ve all been to the office get together where eight people brought corn chips, one person brought salsa, and only Carol brought a veggie tray. In despair, your employees might turn to the aging vending machine down the hall, with its less than thrilling selection of gums and candy bars. When your options for office snacks are limited, they quickly lose their appeal. But when your employees have a wide range of snacking options, they’ll stay happy and hungry for more. That’s why we have a winning model for packing our Variety Snack Boxes. Rather than packing the same snacks in every box, we pack based on an ideal ratio of snacks. Each box will have a certain number of bars, chips, jerkies, fruits, and nuts. But the brands of those snacks in each of those categories is always changing. If you sign up for our monthly Variety Snack Box subscription, you might find a few extra Clif bars in your first box, but might see bars from Jimmy Bar! and Kind Bar next month. Plus, our Variety Snack Box includes tasty treats for everyone in the office. Each snack box includes options that will keep the gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan snackers in your office happily munching away. You’ll never know what you get in your Variety Snack Box until it arrives at your door. You’ll quickly find that it becomes an object of office fascination to see what’s in store!

Your Delivery Is On Its Way

We know that when hunger sets in, you want to address it right away. More so when that hunger hits at the mid-afternoon slump. That’s why we ship fast, so you can get to snacking faster! As soon as you’ve set up your healthy snack subscription, and placed your order, we’ll ship your order within one business day. You’d be hard-pressed to get your busted vending machine fixed that fast! Plus, we offer free shipping options for some of our healthy snack subscription packages. If your business is spread out across different locations, we’ve got you covered. We can ship to multiple locations. Just let us know when you build your account, and we’ll make sure that all of your employees get their satiating snacks, no matter if they work in downtown or uptown.


Simpalo Snacks

Everyone loves to snack, it’s just part of being human. Be the hero your office deserves by signing up for our healthy snack subscription. Get the tasty and tempting treats that your employees crave delivered straight to your door. With Simpalo Snacks, you’ll receive a new selection of snacks every time a Variety Snack Box arrives. We offer subscriptions for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery services. Just want one box, one time? No problem. Our services have no contract, so you can order as much or as little as you want. Don’t delay, sign up today!