Packing Road Trip Snacks

Summer is in full swing, meaning that it’s time to break away from the office and go on vacation! Before you hit the road and get too far ahead of yourself, it’s important to remember to pack enough healthy snacks. That’s right, snacking is just as important in office work as it is in road tripping. Here are few things to keep in mind about your snacks before you take off on your next adventure this summer.

Pack Snacks That Appeal To All Travelers

When you’re at home, you can easily get a steady supply of your favorite snacks. At the office, a custom snack box from Simpalo provides you all the snacks that you and your employees want. But on the road, with hours and hours between destinations, your snacking choices might be limited. It’s important to take into account the snacking habits of your fellow travelers. For instance, if you and a few coworkers are headed out to Janice from accounting’s lakeside cabin, and you know that Bill and Ted from marketing are always competing for the chips, you might bring an extra bag or two with you so there’s no fighting. No need to turn the car around when there are enough snacks to go around.

Consider Which Snacks Are Best For Each Car Position

Every snack has its pros and cons. For instance, chips might be salty and crunchy, but that crunch comes at the cost of lots of crumbs. As the driver, you don’t want to worry about having crumbs all over your pants, and juggling a chip bag in one hand, while trying to keep both hands on the wheel is probably not the best idea. Leave the chips to the passengers in the rear of the vehicle. Drivers should equip themselves with a supply of snack bars that can easily be eaten with just one hand, or, if in a pinch, clenched between their teeth when making dynamic maneuvers through rush hour traffic. Those in the co-pilot seat have their choice of any of the snacks they’d like, but since they are often also in charge of pumping up the jams and finding this summer’s best music, we recommend that they avoid any sticky snacks, as they don’t want to gum up the radio dial. Those in the rear passenger seats are often tasked with distributing snacks, and because of their proximity to the snack box, hogging all of the best snacks before anyone can get to them.

Why You Should Bring Snacks With You

Have noticed that after every long road trip, you get out of the car, admire your destination and immediately feel the need to go to bed? It’s weird how tiring driving a car can be. With this in mind, it’s important to have snacks with you to keep you alert and awake while you’re driving. Natural sugars from our healthy snacks provide you a steady stream of energy that keeps your eyes from getting heavy while you’re making that seemingly endless drive through the prairies of the Midwest. Not only are the great source of energy, they’re a great distraction for restless passengers. Carol in HR might be less likely to kick the back of your seat if she’s got a bag of jerky to keep her occupied while you’re traveling. Also, snacks are a great replacement for that awkward silence that inevitably settles in around hour three on the road. The gentle sounds of steady mastication can create its own kind of chorus that might even rival whatever’s on the radio. If nothing else, you can lead an intense debate about the merits of various chip flavors, and why BBQ might not be everything that it’s cracked up to be.

Use Your Snack Consumption As A Way To Measure Time

We’ve already discussed how taxing driving can be, and it’s a well-known fact. Indeed, OSHA suggests that an individual drives for no more than eight hours at a time. After that eight hour window, studies have shown that mental acuity begins to dull, and drivers begin to experience “tunnel vision” that makes them less aware of the road. You can ration your snacks in packages that are consumed over a certain period of time. For instance, if your group of travelers finishes the first box of snacks, then you know it’s time to switch drivers, and give the first driver a break and another snack!


Snacking is a quintessential part of the summer road trip experience. It’s a great way to keep people happy, and thanks to our selection of treats, a great way to offer them healthy alternatives to the fatty and sugar-filled options at the gas station. While you’re on vacation, you can have healthy snacks delivered to your office with a Simpalo Snacks Variety Box subscription! Whether you want a delivery every week, every other week, or every month, we’ve got a box for you. Sign up for your healthy snack subscription now!