Office Snack Delivery Chicago

Simpalo Snacks delivers great tasting snacks to Chicago. Its super simple to order healthy snacks online. If you order before 2pm central time we will ship your snacks that same day. Ground shipping takes 3 days from our Colorado warehouse. That means if you need snacks by Friday, as long as you get online Tuesday and make the order, your office will have an awesome selection of snacks by Friday.

Why Simpalo is the perfect choice to ship snacks to Chicago

There are many reasons why we think you will be happy ordering from Simpalo, but to keep things simple and to the point, here are the top 4 reasons to choose us for healthy snack delivery.

  • Huge selection of individually wrapped snacks
  • Great customer service
  • Variety snack boxes
  • Fast shipping

Healthy Office Snack Delivery To chicago

Simpalo has a huge selection of great tasting healthy snacks

We stock hundreds of individually wrapped snacks available to order any time. We know you have many options when it comes to snacks. Buying from big box stores often ends up with you handing out the same snacks over and over. With Simpalo you can order unique and healthy snacks from vendors all around the country. You can order a single snack of one vendor and a 100 snacks of another vendor, and have it all boxed up and shipped to your Chicago location. Our website is super simple to navigate, making it easy to load up your shopping cart with your favorite snacks.

We offer superior customer service

Yes we are a little biased, but we believe in a few basic principles. First, we try to treat everyone with a little extra kindness because that is how we like to be treated. Second, we believe in being prompt in answering emails and the phone (yes... when you call we will answer the phone and talk to you). Third, we believe in delivering quality snacks, packaged nicely, and shipped promptly. If you need a little extra convincing, check out our Simpalo Snacks review page with many satisfied customers.

Variety snack boxes available for easy ordering

We have created a variety snack box all ready to ship in case you do not want to individually select snacks. We rotate the snacks in these boxes each week so you get a different selection every time you order. You can vary the amount of snacks in the box from 60 snacks to several hundred. The point is, if you want a simple fast way to get snacks for a group of people, the variety snack box is the way to go.

We ship snacks fast

Its pretty straight forward fact, most people do not like to wait longer than is needed for pretty much anything. When you make an order online you expect prompt delivery. At Simpalo our goal is to ship snacks out the door as fast as possible. Orders that come in the morning are shipped the same day. Check out our deliver shipment page to figure out when your snack box will arrive in Chicago.

In summary, Simpalo will ship snacks fast to your office, with great customer service, and easy online ordering. Try us out today. We know your office, clients, or friends will love it!