Building Unity Amongst Your Employees

The look and feel of the workplace is changing and in many instances returning to the in-person office experience.  CEOs, Office Managers and Staff are starting to learn what this in-person experience means to their places of employment.  Everyone is looking for ways to help get people back into the office and into the habit of being in daily, in-person contact with co-workers.  Some businesses have elected to remain permanently remote and these businesses are also looking for ways to help their groups connect.  Successful workforces are those which have found ways to fulfill the innate human desire to feel connected to other human beings.

How can the Office Managers and CEOs help with this?

An easy way to bring people together is by providing food.  Think of all those conversations that take place when co-workers are grabbing a morning coffee or refilling their water bottle.  Maybe they are having their break and eating a nutritious refueling snack.  At the same time their bodies are being recharged, the staff is reconnecting with one another as they munch on healthy treats.  Revitalizing the workforce can begin with something as simple as helping them connect one with another.  Ideas are shared, relationships formed and strengthened and renewed vigor can be felt as your employees begin to explore new and exciting options for improving efficiency and output.

Here are some easy ways Office Managers can bring people together.

  • The CEO, Manager or other leader can host small informal chat groups. Provide some easy grab and go snacks and see how quickly people to change their attitudes.  Encourage a Growth Mindset by offering your employees a chance to interact with management and to know their thoughts can be heard. Have Simpalo Snacks send you a snack box to provide easy and nutritious options.
  • Provide regular snack services in your break room. This will become a gathering place for employees and they will find welcome respite in interacting with other employees as they munch.  Simpalo Snacks offers regular snack delivery services that will provide health benefits and variety.
  • Order a one-time snack box for a company event such as an employee picnic or meet and great event. Simpalo makes things easy by delivering your box right to your office.
  • Those with remote employees can send a small snack box to those working from home. This will keep up morale and make workers feel more unified even though they are working remotely.

 Simpalo Snacks has been serving businesses for over 7 years.  We know how much workers enjoy the snacks and the value they feel as their management team shows their appreciation for employees.  Get in touch with us and see how we can help you show dedication and confidence in your team.