Custom Snack Box For The Office


Create your own specialized order by simply shopping on our website and adding healthy snack products to your cart. You have the flexibility of shopping for your favorite brands or for specific types of snacks. Custom Snack Boxes work great for small offices, or offices where the snackers are particularly picky. Admin's love the ease of reordering previous snack orders, and having a one stop shop to please that especially picky office worker. 

Let Your Team Pick Their Own Snacks!
Do you have an office full of picky eaters! Simpalo Snacks has the solution. We can set up an account that will allow each of your team members to pick their own snacks in the delivery. The snacks will come presorted with each employee's name for easy distribution. There will never be an uneaten snack again!

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Branded Snack Boxes

Ask us about creating your own Customized Branded Snack Boxes with your company logo!

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